Summer Schedule 2011


 The Best Place To See Joeyoke

Is During The Summer Months At


The Pier


In Old Orchard Beach, Maine 

Maine's #1 Hot Spot For Nightly Entertainment

(It's Nice, Being Exclusive!)


The Summer Schedule For Joeyoke Is Simple... 

He'll Be Performing Every Night!

Except Wednesdays!

Check Out Joeyoke At The Pier's Website:

The Pier







Joeyoke's creative side comes out in the cold months here in Maine. 

He "plays" at building... anything and everything!

Check out the link below to see just a few of the places he's rebuilt

and the items he's created.... 

 Joeyoke The



Come to The Pier and check out the 6 foot Mini-Pier that Tony (Joeyoke) has replicated.

It's a bit of history in one inch scale and will be on display in 2011.

Mini Pier by Joeyoke






Joeyoke The Entertainer
Old Orchard Beach, Maine